Wealthy widow probate dispute continues


Although it is always advised to leave sufficient funds to ensure the financial well being of those you leave behind – at least for the short term, even we were staggered when we read about property widow, Rosana Berger's probate dispute.

The late Clive Zola Berger, a property tycoon, died in 2005, leaving behind an estate worth around £7 million. Rosana, his second wife, at that time aged 77, was to be allowed to remain in the £4.25 million family home for the rest of her life. In addition, a large portion of the estate, valued at almost £3 million, was to be put into a trust, providing her with an income for life.

Most of us would dream of being left such an inheritance. However, Mrs Berger has since been disgruntled, claiming that the resulting £50,000 per year income is not sufficient to fund her lifestyle, with staff for the eight bedroom home costing £33,000 per year.

When asked how much she would need to live comfortably, Mrs Berger stated a figure of £222,540 per year – a figure which, perhaps understandably, Mr Berger’s sons from his first marriage – are questioning.

Mrs Berger has been told by a High Court judge that she has left it too late to make a claim.

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