What Are Your Options When It Comes To Writing Your Will?

Unlike in the distant past when there was just one way – finding a solicitor – to write your will, these days there are a variety of different options. Which one you choose depends on how confident you feel about getting it right; remember, any errors that are made in a will can hold up probate, or could even render it invalid.

Writing Will Options 300x199 What Are Your Options When It Comes To Writing Your Will?


Use A Solicitor

This is, for some, the safest way of writing a will. Safe in that the solicitor is an expert, and this is what they do day in, day out. They are not, of course, infallible, but they are used to getting these things exactly right.

It is also the most expensive options, so sometimes it can be more about budget than about personal choice – but that doesn’t mean that the other choices open to you are no good; they may suit you better in the end.

However, you should engage a solicitor to write your will if your estate is worth over £325,000 and there will be inheritance tax to pay on it. You should also use a solicitor if your family situation is a little more complicated than most (including estranged children, multiple marriages, and so on). Using a solicitor guarantees that your estate will go to the people or person you choose, rather than the one that the state says should receive the inheritance. A solicitor will also help you to protect the interests of anyone disabled, or underage – trusts can be set up, for example. It can also be good to use a solicitor if you are simply unsure of how to go about things; just having someone to speak to about your options can really help.


Use A Will Writing Service

The good news about using a will writing service is that they do tend to offer a good amount of support, much like a solicitor would, but for less money. This can be ideal if you have questions, but your budget simply won’t stretch to hiring a solicitor. It can also be much quicker than using a solicitor’s service. That’s because the people working for a will writing service only have that one job to do – a solicitor will have various other jobs as well, and the waiting times can be fairly lengthy.

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As long as you do your research before engaging a will writing company then it is unlikely that you will receive poor service. Remember to find out how long they have been in the industry, and what their experience is (particularly with more complex family situations and with trusts). Although there is no law that says the will writer needs to be legally qualified, there are professional organisations that they can join – try to choose someone in one of those organisations if possible. It will give you peace of mind and comeback should something go wrong.


Write Your Will Yourself

Writing your own will can be a risk, but it is also the cheapest way of writing one, so it does often appeal. There is nothing wrong with a ‘DIY will’ (in fact, we offer them!) as long as you have carefully thought out what you want to include. This type of will is only really recommended, however, when your estate is a simple one.

Templates can be downloaded after being completed online. Once it is written, you will need to ensure that the will is witnessed, signed, and dated. 

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