What is Deputyship?

Everyone who prepares a will is encouraged to also think about an LPA (Lasting Power of Attorney). In the event that you become mentally incapable of making sound decisions about money, property or your welfare, an Attorney, chosen specifically by you, can then take over this responsibility and ensure your bills are paid, your house maintained and that you’re well taken care of.
With an ageing population and extended lifespan expectations, for many of us this has become a sad reality, although the situation is made worse for those who have not prepared in advance.
If you have no Attorney in place, then a deputyship is ordered by the Court of Protection. Applications are invited for those who would like to be considered for the role, but bear in mind that these may not include the individual you would have liked to have chosen.
Although the court will of course supervise the activities being carried out on your behalf, the thought of someone taking over and running your life for you, whether you like it or not is not a happy one if that person wasn’t chosen by you in the first instance. It is therefore recommended that regardless of your age, you should have an LPA prepared in advance, in case the worst ever happens.

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