What will happen to my Facebook page after I die?

Currently, when a person dies, Facebook’s policy states that it will in effect take over that person’s page as soon as the death is reported to the organisation.   It blocks the account so that although the page remains, it cannot be added to or amended by anyone else.
Designated individuals are only able to gain access to the relevant Facebook account data (including photographs) if the deceased gave specific written instructions to this effect before they died or if police officials request it.
These restrictions have angered many individuals who are currently campaigning for specific guidelines to be introduced whereby a friend or relative of the deceased is able to act as “social media representative”, taking over and running or closing down their social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter as they see fit. In this way, vital memories in the form of photographs and records of personal thoughts can be preserved, which could help loved ones during this difficult and emotional period. Social media can act as a tool to immortalise those who have left us and as such, these keepsakes should never be lost.

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