When will I get my inheritance?



Very often, we’re asked “When will I get my inheritance?”
Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to give a fixed time limit on the probate process and how long it takes to probate a will.  And, if the deceased failed to prepare a will, the process of intestacy can often take a great deal longer, if relatives need to be researched and located.  It is therefore always advised that they should have a will written and updated in their lifetime.
The executor of the will needs to pay all debts and taxes before they can begin to think about distributing any remaining assets among the next of kin. 
For a simple estate, this can take up to six months.  For intestacy cases, contested probate or more complicated cases, this can even take up to a number of years.
A word of warning – we are seeing increasing cases of individuals who expect, and even plan their finances on receiving a sum of money from their parents or relatives.  Unfortunately, with the rising cost of living and care home fees, many are disappointed and left in financial difficulty, when they find the expected inheritance has already been spent or has not been left to them.

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