Why choose a funeral plan?



With the average cost of a funeral now exceeding £5000 and rising by around 7% annually, it’s worth allocating money now to help with your funeral costs. By doing so, you’ll be sparing those left behind, the financial strain and unnecessary stress caused when trying to find the money to give you a decent funeral.

Confused.com carried out research which revealed that over the last five years, about 100,000 people have been given a pauper’s funeral, yet around 80% of us still have no savings or funeral plan in place for this eventuality.

Usually costing around £2000 – £4000 in total, with payments starting at about £34 per month, a funeral plan will often state that acceptance is guaranteed, and that medical or health history is required.  One of the advantages of a plan such as this is that whilst funeral fees continue to rise by 7% per year, your funeral plan payment will often remain the same throughout the length of the term.

Additional extras can be added into your package, including your favourite flowers or readings, giving a personal touch to the proceedings.

Be careful to check the cover required, along with any restrictions, however.  Some plans will ask for additional money to cover the distance travelled by the undertaker, cremation or your burial plot.

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