Why do people give up on writing their family tree?

The popularity of genealogy and individuals writing their own family tree continues to rise. Learning about where we’ve come from and finding out more about our relatives is both interesting and can help to give us some kind of identity and feeling of belonging.
However, a high proportion of people who set off to research their family tree give up after only a weeks or months after realising that it can take considerable time, effort and money
If starting from grass roots level, a number of probate records, certificates and Wills often need to be sought and purchased. This of course becomes even more complicated if relatives lived abroad.
There has also been a rise in the number of “membership” organisations which aim to assist those doing their own research through an expensive monthly subscription. Again, this can be costly and will take considerable time.
If you’d like to find out more about your family tree but don’t want to commit yourself to a subscription and want to cut corners, IWC Ltd has its own genealogy service with a range of inexpensive packages to suit the level of research required. Find out more about our service here.

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