Making A Will

Cost of Making A Will

The cost of making a will with IWC depends on your circumstances; our will writing services start from as little as £25 for a professionally written online will emailed to you in PDF format (click here to start your online will). Should you wish to see a consultant in person, the costs start from £120 plus VAT. These fees are for the draft of a single will.

Depending on your wishes and situation, the writing of joint wills, an irrevocable will, lasting power of attorney and trusts will incur additional expense. However, IWCs policy is to charge a fixed fee agreed in advance so you`ll know exactly how much this will be before you appoint us.

Why Choose IWC?

Fully Qualified - will drafting is undertaken by a full STEP member or Law degree qualified professional.

Specialists - We are a specialist Will Writing and Probate company, fully conversant in current inheritance laws.

Complete Service - We can provide any additional services you may require, whether you have overseas assets, require an irrevocable will or lasting power of attorney. We can even assist your family through the probate process.

Fixed Fees - The cost with us is fixed, with no expensive hourly rates or added extras.

Home Consultations - We offer home visits Nationwide, included in our fixed fee.

Fully Insured - and Regulated by the Society of Will Writers & Estate Planning Practitioners.

Free Help & Advice - Call us free on 0800 612 6105 for help making a will, open until 10pm 7 days a week.

Whatever the charges for making a will, the cost of not having a valid will can be far greater. Dying intestate will leave your loved ones in a terrible situation. The probate process could last up to 2 years, as opposed to 6 months for the average testate death.

Contention is far more likely, you did not leave any last wishes, therefore relatives are left to speculate and argue about what you would have wanted. The laws of intestacy can mean your partner will not be adequately provided for. In fact, if you`re not married, your common law spouse is not entitled to apply for probate or inherit.

If you have children, you`ll want to safe guard their future. Making a will ensures you avoid costly delays, legal battles and of course, limit the extent of inheritance tax liability.

The question should not be how much is a will? But, how much is not making a will likely to cost your loved ones? The answer to this is that it has the potential to cost thousands!

How much does it cost with IWC?

Online wills with IWC offer the chance to significantly lessen the cost of making a will. If you feel your Will is very simple and you need not have a consultant visit you, simply order a professionally written will online, prices start from as little as just £25.00.

Our prices to make a standard family will are detailed below. Please note these prices include a consultant visiting you at your home or work place and advising you with regards to the legal and financial implications of your wishes.

To book your consultation or find out our charges in more complex circumstances call us free on 0800 612 6105.

Product Price VAT Total
Single Will 160
Joint Will 240 42.00 282.00
Mutually Irrevocable Wills (read more)
300 60.00 360.00
(Including IPDI, IHT, Pilot, Property)
Lasting Power of Attorney (Welfare) 290 58.00 348.00
Lasting Power of Attorney (Financial) 290 58.00 348.00
Both LPA's for couple 790 158.00 948.00
Cost of Making a Will
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