Funeral Planning

It is important to consider funeral planning; otherwise your family will never know what you would have wanted. If you have strong beliefs about certain aspects of your funeral and arrangements that are made after you death, or very specific wishes and requirements, consider planning your funeral today buy purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan. Many people have strong views about burial and cremation, others reject traditional funerary practices and wish for loved ones to celebrate their life, rather than mourn them. If you feel strongly about these issues it`s important not to leave anything to chance.

Funeral Planning

What you would have wanted

When you make your will, you may wish to mention a preference for burial or cremation. You may care to set out funeral details such as religious preferences or requests for donations to charities in lieu of flowers. However, did you know your Executors are under no obligation whatsoever to carry out funeral wishes requested in your Will? So, no matter what you include, there`s no guarantee that your last wishes will be carried out.

The only way to secure your funeral arrangements, just like anything in life, is to pre-plan. Planning in life assures that you get the type of memorial and ceremony that you want in death.

Funeral Expenses

It is impossible to predict how much your funeral expenses will be, or foresee how far in the future they may arise, it follows that savings or insurance may not be enough. However, your funeral costs will be a first liability on your estate and must be paid well before any other bequests can be distributed. It enables you to relieve these unnecessary financial and emotional burdens on your family, ensuring that they will have nothing to pay.

It also allows you to pay today`s prices. Historically, average funeral costs have increased above the normal levels of inflation. For example, a funeral costing just £850 15 years ago would cost around £2,800 now. This means advance-planning has the potential to save you and your family hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.

Funeral Planning

Plans Available from IWC

Funeral planning allows you to pre-pay for your funeral; you can do this with a one-off payment or spread the cost over monthly instalments. Here is an example of services that can be included:

  • Administration of plan
  • Funeral directors professional services
  • Local Church Fees
  • Ministers fees
  • Doctors fees
  • Advice on registration, documentation and certification for the funeral
  • Removal from place of death to funeral directors premises
  • Care of deceased prior to funeral
  • A high quality coffin
  • Crematorium fees
  • Use of chapel of rest for visiting
  • Attendance of conductor and four bearers on day of funeral
  • Provision of hearse and limousine for service at local church and/or crematorium
  • Full listing of floral tributes
  • Thank you cards
  • Bereavement counselling
  • A tree planted with Future Forests

Our funeral planning services are provided by our partners; Golden Leaves, a member of the National Association of Funeral Directors and registered with the Funeral Planning Authority. You will have the peace of mind knowing that your funeral wishes will be carried out exactly as you would have wanted.

If you would like further details with regards Funeral Planning please contact IWCor call free on 0800 612 6105.

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