Probate Application Form

Do you need to obtain the Probate forms, we can help. We are not the Probate registry so we do not post forms to you however if you sign up to receive our Newsletter we will send you an instant link to the appropriate place so you can obtain all of the required probate forms.

The probate application form is known as Probate form PA1 and must be completed to obtain a Grant of Representation or Letters of Administration. Please note the forms are the same whether the deceased made a will or not. This document will ultimately allow estate administrators' access to assets of the deceased. Official copies are required by banks, building societies and other financial institutions before any assets can be transferred to the beneficiaries of the will.

You can purchase our Guide to the Probate process for just £4.99 and we will also send you PDF files of the probate personal application forms you need. (Note: Probate forms are available free of charge from the Probate registry.)

As qualified probate practitioners, IWC can complete the process on your behalf, including completion of the application form and inheritance tax forms. Our complete service means we'll deal with everything; calculating the value of the estate, corresponding with all executors and beneficiaries, the deceased's bank and financial institutions. You can call us for free impartial advice on 0800 612 6105 and get your free quote.

What's included?

You'll need to complete details about the deceased, surviving relatives and the will (if applicable) and assets. Full details of the person/s applying for the grant are required, value of the estate and whether or not inheritance tax is due. You're required to submit various documents with your application including an official copy of death certificate or coroner's letter and the original will and photocopies.

Before you complete the form you'll need to have calculated how many official sealed copies of the document you require (this will depend on how many financial institutions there is to approach). You then need to calculate the probate fee sand the cost of extra documents and enclosure a cheque or postal order.

Associated Probate Application Forms

IHT205 - Is related to inheritance tax and needs to be completed with your probate application form if the estate is classed as excepted and sent off to the controlling probate registry, details of which can be found in PA4 (a directory of all UK registries and interview venues).

IHT400 - You'll need to fill out this form if inheritance tax is due, it is a full account for tax purposes. Figures that you enter in are also required on PA1 form. This should be sent to HMRC at the time you apply for the grant.

PA1A - Simply the notes that go with the form.

PA3 - Details the fee and administration charges.

Further Help and Assistance

This may already be sounding too complicated or time-consuming. You may find yourself dealing with confusing legal jargon and may not understand tax implications or how to keep liability to a minimum. This is sometimes compounded in the event of intestate death or disputes.

If you'd rather have a professional take care of it, why not contact IWC for a free quote on 0800 612 6105? We provide an inclusive service for a low cost, fixed fee. No percentages based on estate value, hourly rates or charges to make phone-calls or send letters but a fair price based solely on how much work is required.

A fully qualified STEP member or law degree educated specialist in probate and estate administration will deal with everything; paperwork, probate application form, tax and HMRC. The process will be dealt with fast and efficiently and you're free to contact us at any time (without incurring any extra charge). Call now on 0800 612 6105 for more information.

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Probate Application Form

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