Probate Form PA2

Obtain Form PA2 - Looking for help with Probate?

For help with Probate and to have all of the forms immediately emailed to you, purchase our complete Guide to Probate only £5.00.

Probate can be an extremely complex task our complete guide will give you an insight into the process. Our pack includes a full outline of the process, all of the forms required to a submit a Probate application. Plus template letters for the various institutions that you may need to write to.

A full refund is available if you later instruct our Estates Administration Team.

Form PA2 is a guide to obtain probate for people acting without a solicitor. The 7 page document explains what probate is, how to apply, the procedure and which forms you need to fill out. It is provided by the Government probate administrators; HM Courts & Tribunals Service.

While it details how you apply, it offers no further help with the many other tasks you'll have to perform to in the event of a death and to gain access to the estate. It is not meant as a substitute for legal advice. PA2 is far from exhaustive and in particularly complex cases it is recommended that you seek professional guidance.

How IWC can assist you

Free Advice - IWC offer free help and support on probate and estate administration and can quickly answer any further questions that you've got after reading the PA2 form. You may find the procedure a little daunting especially in a case that's not straight-forward. For example if the death is was intestate or inheritance tax is owed, why not speak to one of our expert advisors? You can call free-phone, 7 days a week on 0800 612 6105, lines are open until 10pm.

DIY Kits - If you're not satisfied after reading the PA2 and feel you'd need a little extra help, we've put together comprehensive packages for those applying for DIY probate, everything you'll need is contained within the download, including all probate forms.

In the case of small estates, our downloadable guide costs just £4.99, it is much more exhaustive than form pa2 probate, with all the necessary forms included. A full refund is available in the event that you are unable to complete the application and you require assistance from our Probate department.

Our comprehensive DIY Probate pack at £99.00 is an inclusive step-by-step guide, which includes all of the necessary probate IHT205 and PA1 forms, sample letters that you will need to send to all major institutions, ascertaining the assets of the estate and how to complete probate. The complete guide covers everything from dealing with banks, HMRC, life insurance companies, shares and pensions. You can also take advantage of our free advice helpline. You'll find that it only covers the application process, this is no help when there's a million and one other things to do.

Complete Service - IWC offer a low cost, fixed fee probate service. This means we'll agree the fee with you before we start work. You'll know exactly how much it will cost from the outset so there'll be no unexpected charges later on. Our low cost fee is calculated fairly, based on the amount of work we have to undertake, we do not base our fees on the value of the estate.

Some banks and solicitors charge between 1-5% of the estate value. We believe this is unfair dealing with a bank account should cost the same, no matter how much money it contains. Nor do we charge hourly rates or extra for phone-calls and letters. It's all included in a fixed fee which doesn't even need to be paid in advance. Save yourself the time and effort of reading and filling out Probate Forms PA2, PA1, PA3, PA4 etc. and call us on 0800 612 6105 for your free quote.

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Probate Form PA2

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