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Obtain Form IHT205 - Looking for help with Probate?

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Probate can be an extremely complex task our complete guide will give you an insight into the process. Our pack includes a full outline of the process, all of the forms required to a submit a Probate application. Plus template letters for the various institutions that you may need to write to.

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Obtain form IHT205

Do you need to obtain the Probate forms, we can help. We are not the Probate registry so we do not post forms to you however if you sign up to receive our Newsletter we will send you an instant link to the appropriate place so you can obtain all of the required probate forms.

Probate Application Checking Service

Worried about your Probate Application? We offer a fast checking service for a fixed cost of £59 plus VAT when using form IHT205. Relevant papers can be submitted by email or post which ever is more convenient. Call us free of charge on 0800 612 6105 to start. We are not affiliated to the Inland Revenue or Court Service, if mistakes are found we can advise accordingly.

Before you can determine whether to use probate forms IHT205 or 400, you'll need to have ascertained whether the estate is excepted or not. The estate will be excepted if it's a low value estate, valued under the Inheritance Tax threshold, currently £325,000. If the deceased has left everything (under £1 million) to a spouse or civil partner living in the UK or to a 'qualifying' charity the estate is also excepted.

If you need any help with this, IWC have a free advice line open 7 days a week until 10pm. Call us on 0800 612 6105 and we'll be able to answer any questions you have about the IHT205 form and whether the estate is expected or not.

IHT205 - Return of Estate Information

This form is completed to inform the Inland Revenue that the estate is 'excepted,' in other words, beneficiaries are not liable for inheritance tax. You must complete this if the deceased lived in England, Wales or Northern Ireland.If not, use C5 if the deceased lived in Scotland or IHT207 if the deceased lived abroad with assets of up to £150,000 in England, Wales or Northern Ireland. To further confuse you, there are other variations of the form IHT205; depending on the date of death, choose IHT205 (2006) for deaths on or after 1 September 2006. You need to include form IHT205 with your grant of probate form (PA1) and send off to the Probate Registry of your choice detailed in Probate Form PA4.

IHT400 - Inheritance Tax Account

Unlike more straightforward forms IHT205, IHT400 requires you to give a full account of the estate for tax purposes. You must complete this form if the estate is not expected and there is inheritance tax to pay. There are also instances where there is no inheritance tax to pay but the estate is still classed as non-expected, where you must also use this form. As it is more in-depth, the form is further broken down into schedules IHT401 to IHT423, there is an 88 page guide that accompanies it.

It is at this point that many people choose to seek help from a professional. Dealing with complex tax issues in the midst of bereavement can be overwhelming. IHT205 and 400 can be completed by a qualified legal practitioner instead, to relieve you of the burden.

Will Appointing a Probate Expert be Expensive?

As the executor you have a duty to obtain the best possible price for legal fees as the bill will be deducted at the end, affecting inheritance of the other beneficiaries. If you're thinking of appointing a professional, choose one that offers a fixed fee from the outset so you know exactly how much it's going to cost. Secondly, try to find a company who does not charge a percentage based on the value of the estate. Paying 1-5% of the estate can work out very costly and it's not exactly a fair way to calculate fees.

IWC offer a complete service including; applying for probate and completing forms IHT205, 400 and PA1, dealing with all beneficiaries, banks, building societies, HMRC and conveyancing. For a low cost, fixed fee agreed in advance, you can let us take care of everything. Call us Freephone on 0800 612 6105 for your quote.

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Probate Form IHT205

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