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IWC specialise in Probate, Letters of Administration, Genealogy & Heir hunting. Our in house team of specialist probate practitioners provide low-cost probate services Nationwide. Our fees are fixed and agreed in advance; we can either complete the application or take care of the entire process on your behalf.

We can also help you with all aspects of estate planning, will writing, online wills, medallion guarantees, probate reseals, power of attorney and inheritance tax avoidance.

Simply contact us to arrange your free consultation, we’ll discuss the best options for you and can draft any documents you require.

Probate can be a very complex task but we can help you and we offer guaranteed fixed fees for Probate and Letters of Administration.

We can take on the whole estate administration process alternatively if you prefer we can deal with limited aspects of the work involved such as completing the Probate application forms for you.

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We offer a low-cost, fixed fee service for Letters of Administration 

A full service, we can complete all necessary papers in order to apply for the Letters of Administration on your behalf, we take care of everything including dealing directly with the Inland Revenue or other financial institutions as required.

For more info call us on 0800 612 6105 or call 020 8150 2010
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Willwriting, Trusts & Estate Planning

IWC are able to offer a complete service with regards to Will Writing, Trusts, Lasting Power of Attorney and Estate Planning. We work in partnership with professional Willwriters to offer coverage across the majority of the UK.

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We offer a complete Bardcoded Medallion Guarantee Service

From dealing with the sale or transfer of shares or other American assets. We can deal with the whole matter including the dealing with the IRS alternatively if you prefer we can simply apply the Medallion Guarantee Stamp.

For more info call us on 0800 612 6105 or call 020 8150 2010
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Plymouth Probate Office Probate

Plymouth Probate Office

There is no probate office in Plymouth.  If you are required to attend an interview by the registry as part of your probate application, this will be in a local authority or court building in Plymouth.  You will receive details of this after your application has been processed and verified.

If you wish to apply for probate or obtain copies of probate records, here's the contact information to use; call 01208 261581 or email BodminPSRenquiries@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk

Probate Registries

The probate service in England and Wales is provided by HM Courts and Tribunals. There are approximately 30 registries which operate throughout the country. Their role is to manage, process and verify applications, made by executors of a will or estate administrators for a grant of representation. This document gives them the legal authority to act as personal representative of the deceased and is necessary to obtain access to monies and other assets.

Making your Application

You'll need to apply for probate if the deceased estate has a total value of £5000.00 or more. This is done by completing a submitting the required forms and documentation and attending an interview to swear a declaration that the information you've provided is accurate. You'll find lots of information to help you online including forms and guides to download, you could start by browsing the remainder of this site.

When you should Seek Professional Assistance

As mentioned previously, the registry deals with applications.  Staff cannot offer legal help or inheritance tax advice. Nor can they assist you with any matters related to handling the finances and assets of the deceased after the grant has been issued. The probate office deals with non-contentious probate cases, so you should not contact them regarding disputes.

If any of the following applies to the estate you are dealing with, it is recommended you seek professional help;

  • There is no will
  • The estate is liable for inheritance tax
  • There is likely to be a dispute
  • Someone has entered in a caveat
  • The financial affairs of the deceased are particularly complicated
  • The estate involves stocks, shares, trusts or overseas assets

Practitioners at IWC can complete probate on your behalf for a low, fixed fee.  We offer free help and advice on 0800 612 6105, 7 days a week until 10pm.

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