Fixed Fee Probate Costs

IWC are a specialist probate company offering fixed fee probate service Nationwide. Our low cost probate fees are fixed beforehand and no payment needs to be made in advance. Probate and Letter of Administration services are undertaken by full STEP members or Law degree qualified practitioners. We guarantee to beat like-for-like quotes by 10%. With IWC, you can relax in the knowledge that you're getting a first-rate service for the best possible price.

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Fixed Fee Probate Costs

Fixed fee probate means we'll agree a set price from the outset and guarantee there are no hidden charges or extras and you need not pay any monies to us in advance. Our fixed price is based simply on the amount of work we must undertake. We will deal with everything from the funeral expenses, to the Inland Revenue, the conveyancing of property and the final distribution to the beneficiaries with no hidden costs. Unlike most banks and solicitors we offer:

  • No expensive percentage fees based on value of estate - We believe that dealing with a bank account ought to cost the same, whether it contains £10,000 or £100,000.
  • No hourly rates - We don't want you to feel like the clock is always ticking, whilst we are working for you if you feel you need to contact us you are free to do so without incurring additional expense.
  • No extra charges for letters, calls and emails - We agree a price for a service and that's it; you will not be charged for every call we make, letter or email we send.
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About our fixed fee probate Guarantee

We offer a Price Promise- if you receive a written fixed fee probate quote from any of the other major probate companies, we will carry out the exact same work for 10% less than their fee. You'll still receive the same level of expertise with no short cuts.

Of course, cost isn't the only consideration when searching for a company to deal with the administration of an estate. It is equally important to find a practitioner who is qualified understanding, approachable and available.

Fixed fee Probate

Why Choose IWC?

Free Advice and No-Obligation Appointments - You can call our Free Telephone advice line (open until 10pm 7 days a week). Or, make your no obligation appointment to discuss Estate Administration.

Probate Specialists - We are specialists in Estate Administration, probate and will writing. The law changes constantly, a probate expert will be in the best position to advise you.

Nationwide Coverage - Across the whole of England, our head office is in Croydon, Surrey.

Fully Qualified - Works are carried out by full STEP members and/or Law degree qualified probate practitioners.

Inclusive Service - When we deal with your application or application for Letters of Administration, we take care of the entire process. Follow the link for full details of what our service includes.

How much does Probate Cost

You will incur probate fees when you apply for your Grant of Representation. These are the costs of administering probate by HM Courts & Tribunals Service. As detailed in probate form PA3, a fee of £255.00 applies in all cases where the net estate value is over £5,000. If the net estate value is under £5,000, probate fees are nil.

You'll also find that there is a charge of £1 for every official, sealed copy of the document you require. This will depend on how many financial institutions you have to deal with to obtain access to the assets of the deceased as they'll require original documents.

Of course, these are merely the Government administration charges. If you have decided to appoint a professional to handle the deceased's estate, you'll also pay for services undertaken.

Solicitors Fees for Probate

Probate costs vary immensely; if you're looking to appoint a professional to deal with the estate administration consider your options carefully.

Percentage of Estate Value - Many solicitors and banks will calculate probate fees based on a proportion of the value of the estate, normally 1-5%. Obviously this can be very costly, as an example, on an estate worth £500,000 fees of 4% will be £20,000, even at 1% you'll be paying in excess of £5,000 once all extras have been added.

At IWC we do not base our probate fees on the value of the estate. Costs are based on how many bank accounts, financial institutions and beneficiaries; this way, you only pay for the amount of work involved. We believe that it's wrong to charge a percentage because dealing with one bank account will mean the same amount of work whether it's got £20,000 or £200,000 in it.

Hourly Rates - Some probate solicitors will charge an hourly rate, this may seem fair but when they want almost £200 - £300 per hour, it can mount up quite handsomely. Plus you'll always feel like the clock is ticking which is no use when you need reassurance on important issues.

Per Activity - You must also beware of firms who charge per task or activity, £30 for a phone-call, £10 to send an e-mail, £100 to fill out a form. This all adds up and is a completely unfair method to use to calculate probate fees.

No Fee Agreed - If you don't agree a fee in advance, your appointed probate professional will be able to charge whatever they see fit. When hourly rates and task charges apply, your total bill could amount to thousands with pages and pages of add-ons and extras.Always agree a price in advance.

IWC offer low cost, fixed probate fees that are agreed with you in advance before we start work. This way, there won't be any unpleasant surprises later on, as there's nothing extra to pay. There are no hourly rates or activity charges on top and you can contact us at any time at no extra cost. Works are undertaken by full STEP members or law degree qualified professionals. We even have a free phone number for questions and advice open 7 days a week until 10pm.

Deed of Variation

If you need to change a way an estate is to be distributed then it is possible to sign a document called a Deed of Renunciation, visit our specific page for more information.

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